• Formulation of a Strategic Plan (mission/vision statement, goals, strategies), i.e., top-down portion of the Community’s Corporate Plan; as part of the strategic planning process, review and determination of what services the Community needs to provide and at what level and cost
  • Establishment of implementation priorities, strategic initiatives
  • Setting of budget guidelines, operating and capital budgets

Financial Stewardship

  • Budget (operating and capital) monitoring
  • Expenditure controls and safeguards
  • External auditor or appointment and review of annual auditor reports
  • Policy and program, Community’s Asset Management (i.e., life cycle maintenance approach); establishment of adequate reserves


  • Compliance monitoring, Federal and Provincial statutes, municipal By-Laws
  • Community risk assessment and control
  • CEO selection, appointment and performance review; appointment approval for Directors with second level review of performance
  • Review of Succession Planning for the Senior Leadership Team, key replacement charting for balance of workforce
  • Policy and program for performance management (i.e., process to ensure Community is “getting what it is paying for”)

Policy & Legislation

  • Review and approval of key corporate policies
  • Tracking of (and influencing to extent feasible) Federal and Provincial statutes/regulations and municipal By-Laws impacting on Community operations and administration

Representation of Stakeholders

  • Identification of various stakeholders and their respective needs
  • Monitoring of the Community’s response to various stakeholder needs/requirements
  • Acting on behalf of the “collective” public good in the Community
  • Interface between Community groups/associations, special interest groups and the Community Staff
  • Attendance at Community affairs/events and active participation in fundraising functions/initiatives