Interested in Joining our Board?  

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The Elliott Board of Trustees has 11 members consisting of representatives from the City of Guelph and surrounding communities.  Applications to the Board of Trustees are advertised by the City of Guelph as part of its other vacancies on Boards and Commissions for City of Guelph operations.  Once the applications have been received, they are forwarded to The Elliott Community to the attention of the Secretary to the Board. The Secretary notifies the Governance and Nominating Committee as to the slate of applications being considered.

Solicitation of New Board Members

In addition to the above process, the Governance and Nominating Committee establishes, as part of its role, desired profiles (ie. particular skills/competencies) for the make-up of the Board of Trustees.  The Committee then enlists the cooperation and support of other Board members in actively seeking out candidates in the community who meet these skills/competency requirements.  These candidates will be encouraged to apply.


The Chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee, having reviewed the applications to the Board of Trustees with other committee members, notify the Secretary of the Board to contact the applicants selected for interview. These applicants attend an interview with representatives from the Committee which normally includes a brief tour and discussion with the Chief Executive Officer.

Selection Process

Once the interviews have been completed, the slate of nominations is forwarded to the City of Guelph. Its Council receives the nominations and considers the recommendations for appointment. Once the recommendations have been considered, the slate of nominations is appointed by City Council and the City notifies the successful applicants by mail of their appointment.

Board Orientation

The Board of Trustees holds a Board orientation process for new members to prepare them for their role as a Trustee for The Elliott Community. Following the orientation session, members are invited to attend their first Board meeting, participating on the Board until their term is completed.