What are our volunteers saying?...

“The staff and residents are really wonderful people. Some of the residents can make you laugh to tears. Others need a little coaxing to get them engaged in conversation. When that happens, you feel like “wow,” I made a difference…. I helped someone smile.  Everyone has time.  Life is short. It only takes a minute to make a smile.  It is a wonderful way to give back for all you have.”

“It keeps me in touch with aging seniors - their needs, their living conditions, their caregivers.  It is an opportunity to get an inside look at the system we as a society have in place and work at improving the lives of individuals in their later years.”

“A feeling of bringing something good to someone’s morning, even if it is for a short time.”

“Sharing with others, caring shown by helping, helpfulness and meeting many residents.”

“I don’t know any other residence that has this wonderful capacity!  Helping is what life is all about!”

“Every single time I am there, I am positive I receive more out of it than I give! It is truly a special place!”

“It is wonderful to be able to contribute to the lives of these residents.”