At different times throughout the year, we will be recruiting for different volunteer positions.  There are some that we recruit for regularly including:

Mobility Bus Driver- Volunteers will provide the opportunity to help residents attend and enjoy outings around the Guelph area.  Volunteers will operate and drive residents to and from the desired destination.

Friendly Visitor – Volunteers will provide one-to-one visits to individual residents in our LTC and/or Retirement Communities. Visits could involve chatting, reading to the resident, playing cards, reminiscing or walking in the gardens of The Elliott Community.

Recreation Assistant – Volunteers will work closely with Recreation Staff and assist with various recreation programs. Programs may include but are not limited to Bingo, Bowling, Trivia, Sing-along, Horticulture and Outings. Programs run throughout the day, evenings, and on weekends.

Fitness Room Supervisor – Volunteers will open our small fitness room and supervise residents while they use the machines. Volunteers are not expected to offer fitness advice but are simply there to encourage residents, assist with machine settings and call for help if needed.

Dining Room Assistant – Volunteers will assist in the dining room of the long-term care residents. Duties will include sitting with a resident for company, encouraging a resident to eat, helping with cutlery etc., as per the resident's needs.

General Store Clerk – Volunteers will provide customer service in our tuck shop, allowing residents and visitors to purchase sundry items, small gifts, cards, and snacks. Duties include sitting in the tuck shop, greeting people and basic point-of-sale transactions. Volunteers come for at least one scheduled shift per week.

Pet Visitors – Volunteers will provide one-to-one or small group visits to enrich residents' quality of life through interaction with pets and their owners. Pets must qualify for this program. Please see the Volunteer Coordinator for further requirements.

Special Event Volunteers – Volunteers will work closely with Recreation Staff and assist during special functions, holiday events, birthday parties and other social functions. Dates and times of events vary.

Musicians – Volunteers will bring a musical instrument and visit residents 1:1 or in small groups, allowing the residents to experience the joy and peace that music can bring.