Enriching the Lives of our Residents

The difference between feeling settled and at home versus being a temporary visitor can be the small things.  Once basic needs are met, feeling at ease and comfortable includes connecting with those around you and having interesting and meaningful things to do.  That's where additional financial support for The Elliott Community can help.  As a not-for-profit, registered charitable corporation, The Elliott is able to accept donations and apply the funds to enhance our resident’s quality of life.

Our annual fundraising event, "The Great Escape", has raised funds to:

  • Purchase a small mobility van to provide increased freedom of movement to our community members; enabling outings such as going shopping or to doctor's appointments.
  • Purchase vital equipment such as blanket warmers, palliative chair beds, and recreation items that help to enhance our resident’s quality of life, relieve pain, and provide comfort in their final days of life.
  • Develop our licensed Community Café to promote a gathering place for residents, families, and guests; bringing our community residents together.
  • Support other identified needs for our residents.

With funding sources constantly changing and the needs of our residents ever-increasing, any and all special projects no matter their significance and impact upon residents must be accomplished strictly through fundraising.

Why make a gift?

Gifts to The Elliott Community will always be 100% applied to identify projects that enhance the delivery of care and services for our residents.  With the costs of maintaining such facilities rising and expected growth in the aging resident population, The Elliott Community is committed to seeking support to help maintain and enhance our residents’ experience.  Gifts from friends, families, and other community members also enable The Elliott Community to carry out special projects that otherwise would not be possible.  Projects may include enhancement of mobility service, improvement of food services, the purchase of recreational equipment, and outdoor accessible garden tools. 

When you make a gift, you help to continue a tradition of excellence in the care of seniors within your community.

All individuals who make a donation will receive a receipt for their gift for income tax purposes.

Charitable Registration Number – 13145 4621 RR0001