About The Butterfly Approach

The Elliott Community is working to become the first long-term care home in Guelph accredited in The Butterfly Approach, an innovative, person-centred and emotion-focused model of care. The Elliott will be working with Meaningful Care Matters, an organization based out of the United Kingdom. Their mission is to create meaningful care cultures where people are “free to be me”.  The Butterfly approach will begin on the Wellington and Fountain home areas on the third floor in Long-term care. It is our intent to roll out elements of this approach to care to other areas of long-term care once accreditation has been achieved in Wellington and Fountain.

What is The Butterfly Approach?

The Butterfly Approach involves moving away from a clinical approach towards one that places equal importance on the emotional needs as well as the physical needs of people living in the home.  In a Butterfly Home, schedules and tasks are replaced with flexibility and engagement. Staff do not wear uniforms. People living and working in the home share moments and experiences together and feel like family.

What does a Butterfly Home look and feel like?

A Butterfly Home feels like a real home, not a hospital, hotel or institution. It is bright, colourful and full of the “stuff of life”. The environment tells the story of the people who live there. The environment supports people living and working in the home to make connections, engage with one another in meaningful activity and “change a moment”.

What is involved in a Butterfly transformation?

Becoming accredited in The Butterfly Approach involves:

  • Moving away from a task-focused, clinical approach to care towards one that is more flexible and relaxed
  • Providing staff with training and tools and strategies to make emotional connections with the people living in the home as well as an understanding of the complex needs of people living with dementia
  • Enhancing the environment to make it feel more like home
  • Creating spaces and places to support the unique needs of individuals at different stages of the dementia journey

How can I learn more?

To learn about the Butterfly Approach at The Elliott Community, please contact:

Lindsay Marinovic, Resident Experience Lead, 519-822-4835 extension 2110.