Strategic planning is critical to the long-term success of our organizations.  It involves reviewing where we are now, where we would like to be in the future, and how we intend to get there.

The process of strategic planning helps to invigorate and strengthen our organization by focusing on longer term objectives and reviewing the sense of purpose and commitment among directors and staff.  The Elliott Community's strategic directions were developed jointly by the Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team. 

Our Values...

*** Integrity *** Compassion *** Caring ***

Our Mission...

"Quality choices in a caring and inclusive, home-like community.

A tradition of promoting dignity and independence for those we serve and their families."

Our Strategies...

Uphold the Elliott Community’s reputation through visibility, community collaborations, leading in our sector’s space

Maintain staff engagement levels by listening and acting on employees wants and needs, adopting emerging human resource trends

Evolve spectrum of services to meet the needs of changing customer demographics and diversity; strong focus on expansion opportunities to meet customer need

Enhance community engagement to ensure sustainability of occupancy levels and donations; share our story, engage our families