Welcome! We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week!  Our preferred visiting hours are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday to Sunday. Reception is open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Please review our Visitor Policy before your visit Visitor Policy for LTC and RET.

For a map of our Home, please click here, and we hope you enjoy your time with us!

Outbreak Status

Long-Term Care 170 Metcalfe (2nd Floor): CLEAR

Long-Term Care 170 Metcalfe (3rd Floor): CLEAR

Nottingham Retirement 170 Metcalfe (4th Floor): CLEAR

Ellington Retirement 168 Metcalfe: CLEAR

Residents and families will be notified via email when an outbreak has been declared and when it has been deemed over by Public Health. Typically, the following precautions are put in place to ensure the safety of our residents, families and staff:

  • Visitors must wear their mask and face shields during their entire visit.
  • Non-urgent appointments outside of the home will be put on hold. If the appointment is urgent, the resident can attend this appointment. The clinic/facility the resident will be going to must be informed that the home area is in Outbreak.
  • Communal dining will continue however if, after contract tracing, the dining room is found to be the area of the transmission, communal dining will be reviewed.
  • Residents who are well will not be isolated to their rooms.
  • Salon services will be put on hold for the residents of the affected Home Area until the outbreak has been declared over.
  • Recreational activities will continue but in smaller groups.

The following protocols are in place for our Home:

As required in the Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Standard and the updated COVID-19 Guidance Document, masking in non-outbreak situations in LTC and Retirement Homes continues to be:

  • masks are recommended, but not required, in all areas of our Home for caregivers and visitors;
  • we are a 'mask-friendly' Home - you may wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so;
  • continue to self-screen before visiting; do not visit if you are sick or unwell;
  • if there is an outbreak or during Respiratory Illness Season, we may need to re-implement Universal Masking; and
  • please note all visitors must sign in and out at all entrances, thank you!

Breathe Easy - We are a Smoke-Free Facility!

Thank you in advance for considering the health of our residents, staff, and families.  All forms of tobacco-related products are prohibited in all buildings and on our property.  This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, cigarillos, water pipes, e-cigarettes, lighters, and matches.  Breathe easy in our buildings, and enjoy the fresh air as you relax in our lovely garden areas at the back of our property.