Our Ellridge facility provides an extensive selection of floor plans, ranging in size with both one and two bedroom suites (Life Lease Suite Styles),  all tastefully decorated and designed to fit your lifestyle. 

Our Life Lease suites are very popular, so the exact model of your choice will be dependent on availability.  Many of the models differ only slightly in layout, so submit your application and we will notify you when something you prefer comes available.

Paisley - One bedroom, 675 sq ft

Wyndham - One bedroom, 791 sq ft

Eramosa - One bedroom, 900 sq ft

Metcalfe - One bedroom, 904 sq ft

Lynwood - One bedroom, 966 sq ft

Palmer - One bedroom, 966 sq ft

Waverly - One bedroom, 966 sq ft

Grange - Two bedroom, 966 sq ft

Wellington - Two bedroom, 966 sq ft

Tiffany - Two bedroom, 1150 sq ft

Woolwich - Two bedroom, 1225 sq ft

Priory - Two bedroom, 1277 sq ft

Stuart - Two bedroom, 1455 sq ft