Café Patio & Sensory Garden

The outdoor Café Patio & Sensory Garden will be a multi-purpose space where residents can enjoy outdoor entertainment during the day and evening, while also building relationships with others who share the same needs and interests. This type of space has been a long time coming for The Elliott Community, with many residents requesting this type of project.

Once this accessible space is built, The Elliott Community can extend café services outdoors. Residents can participate in gatherings such as: supper clubs, horticulture and music therapy, and other accessible activities that will enhance resident social interactions. Opportunities like attending to a garden can help residents feel a sense of belonging and purpose. Outdoor dining with others is inherently social and promotes better nutrition. Planning and participating in inclusive and accessible programs can help residents build meaningful friendships, while creating a shared sense of community.

The design and project administration were donated by Brydges Landscape Architecture Inc. Paul R. Brydges’ involvement with The Elliott Community began in 2014, with a donation of the masterplan landscape design for The Veterans Garden project which is now complete.

The Elliott Community received an $80,000 grant funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund to complete the Café Patio & Sensory Garden. The project was completed in Fall 2019.