Help us improve the lives of our residents!

We are fundraising for these projects at The Elliott Community. Help us continue to improve the lives of all our residents. Your donation will make a difference, to our community as a whole and to the individual residents within it.

eSea is a Virtual Aquarium - Cost: $11,000 per unit

Sky Factory digital aquariums are designed to provide the relaxing, therapeutic benefits that result from viewing living underwater environments. Research has established that viewing such environments restores emotional balance, reduces anxiety, and even lowers blood pressure. The eSea illusion can engage seniors in a deep experience of nature, one that enlivens biophilia, our innate genetic-based need to bond with living systems.

eSea 2.0 is a Digital Cinema Virtual Window - Cost: $14,500

Virtual windows with the dynamic beauty of natural landscapes Sky Factory eScape™ is a digital cinema virtual window that brings the dynamic beauty of nature - image, motion, and sound - to interior environments.

All individuals who make a donation over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt for their gift for income tax purposes. For more information on making a planned gift, please email or call 519-822-0491 ext. 2242.