Help us this year!

We are fundraising for these projects at The Elliott Community. Help us continue to improve the lives of all our residents. Your donation will make a difference, to our community as a whole and to the individual residents within it.

$300 provides one iPod package for a resident living with Alzheimer’s.

This music package will offer one iPod, headphones and $30 iTunes Card for the Music & Memory program.

This program is an illustration of the type of person-centered care that The Elliott Community provides for our residents. This music program helps our residents living with Alzheimer’s find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music using an iPod.

Through your donation you are giving the gift of music, which in turn helps strengthen our community and the health of our residents.

Individual donations are greatly appreciated and can be purchased for:

  • iTunes gift cards can be purchased for: $10, $15, $25, $30, $50 and $100
  • An iPod can be purchased for $250
  • Headphones can be purchased for $20

 $1,000 will purchase one Digital Piano

We are in need of 2 new digital pianos for resident home areas.  A favorite piano song or tune can help seniors living with Alzheimer’s remember events of their past.  A digital piano on each home area will give a resident the chance to engage in 1:1 or group programming with a music therapist or entertainer. Piano music is a wonderful program tool and can help enhance engagement and socialization between residents, fostering a calmer social environment.

 $2,620.00 will purchase one Dedicated Memorial Bench with Plaque

We are in need of outdoor benches for families and residents to enjoy.

The garden is a therapeutic space where families and residents can enjoy participating in recreation programs, events, gardening, and enjoy tranquility. We are in need of more benches so residents can sit comfortably and enjoy the space during the summer. A donation of a garden bench would help tremendously.

$300 will purchase one Puzzle Table

Puzzles are excellent activities for seniors and seniors living with Alzheimer’s. Seniors living with Alzheimer’s need to participate in various activities that stimulate cognitive functioning. Puzzles not only get the brain working, but allow for social opportunities between loved ones and caregivers and positive emotional connections.  We are in need of 2 puzzle tables for resident home areas.

All individuals who make a donation over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt for their gift for income tax purposes

For more information on making a planned gift, please contact:

Rebecca McKinlay at or 519-822-0491 ext. 2242